Cultist Final
Final Concept Art
Faction Underlord
Creature Type Intelligent
Role Support caster
Attracted By Archive
Trains By Researching, Combat
Passive Skills Devout
Soul Breaker
Active Skills Wither
Blood Rite
Zealous Fervour
Works in Sanctuary

Description Edit

The cultist will be a basic underlord creature, it performs the role of support caster in combat by utilising multiple different abilities which will grant boons to the player's creatures or impact the performance of enemy creatures. They will be frail and vulnerable to attack and should be kept back from the front to protect them but close enough that they can lend support as combat errupts.

Being an intelligent creature the Cultist will require a space in the Lair and food from the Tavern, it is possible to train a Cultist through the act of research which they will happily undertake in your Archive quickening the income of research points and allowing the player to progress down the veins of evil quicker. In addition to working the Archive the cultist may also man a primordial tome, should the player own one to greatly increase his own research rate.

The cultist will most likely be attracted to the dungeon once the player has built an archive but as of yet this has not been confirmed. However the Cultist does have an implied connection to an as yet unknown room perhaps a temple thanks to it's passive trait "Devout".

It will be possible to upgrade the cultist into a powerful Blood mage through a ritual that is unlocked in the Greed tree of the veins of evil.


The Cultist like many creatures thus far announced and detailed for War for the Overworld has two sets of abilities these are inbuilt passive traits and active spells or abilities. Thus far these abilities are unique to the Cultist and have not been seen on other creatures.

The cultist is a support caster and as a result many of it's abilities focus on support allies while weakening allies.

Passive TraitsEdit

  • Devout - Working in an as yet unnanounced room (possibly temple) allows the cultist to go without food, sleep and even pay!
  • Soulbreaker - The cultist's basic attacks deal additional damage equal to their target's missing health.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Wither - Slows an enemy unit causing them to take increased damage from enemies for a few seconds
  • Blood Rite - Heals a friendly unit over several seconds.
  • Zealous Fervour - Increases the movement speed and damagfe dealt of nearby friendly units for several seconds.


  • The cultist has shares similarities to the Warlock in Dungeon Keeper 2, both being basic creatures, support casters and basic researchers.



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